Saturday, December 17, 2011

update: knitting project

I did it! I finished my knitting project. I got a bit of help from my sister but for my first project I think I did pretty good. I made a pair of legwarmers for a baby shower that I went to last weekend. Here's the finished product:
I really like how the color (actually the knitting world says colorway) turned out, I think they'll match with lots of cute little dresses! And I learned that I don't know how to properly knit. Oops. Each stitch is twisted a bit so I need to re-learn a little for my next project. Not that they turned out bad, the stitches are just a bit thicker and twistier.

And then I also sewed a few things to go with the legwarmers.

On the bottom of the pile are two changing pads. I never liked using the plastic ones that came with diaper bags so I made a couple spaceship ones when Tyler was little. I made those with my sister and used her serger but since I don't have a serger I made these a bit differently. I actually like how these look better, they're a bit more 'finished' around the edges.

The right two butterfly fabric pieces are burp cloths. They're made basically the same as the changing pads, just a different size. I just eyeballed the size and made sure they were big enough to throw over your shoulder and catch any dribbles before they hit your shirt.

Lastly, I made an eye pillow filled with flax seed and lavender. The mama-to-be gets lots of migraines just like I do and I sure like my eye pillow. It can be heated or cooled for headache relief. And I made a slip cover that can be washed. The first few nights I had mine next to my pillow I slept better, maybe it's coincidence but I'm not willing to try a night without!

For a last minute project I'm very happy with the results. And it was fun to have a bit of pink in the house, if only for a few days!

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