Saturday, March 3, 2012

mama time

So every other week we get to hand over the kiddos to my sister and her husband for date night. So usually we go out to dinner somewhere that we can't/don't go with the kids and then have a little bit of time for something else like running to a store for a few things or getting some dessert somewhere. But this week Aaron is at an event to "celebrate the very best creative advertising & design in Northeast Wisconsin". So I had the night to myself. Two whole hours! To do whatever I want. Without interruption.

So what did I do? I decided I couldn't use the whole time to clean, I needed to do something for myself too. So I dropped Devon & Tyler off at 5:30ish and walked back home. Right when I got home I threw in a load of diapers and then got to work. A quick house pick up, empty and reload dishwasher, sweep and mop the kitchen floor, start diapers on their second cycle, and drain water from the chest freezer that we just shut off. But only an hour had passed. So then I got to do my stuff for another hour.

Basically I wasted a bunch of time on Facebook (like me!), worked on some blog stuff (writing, researching, etc), and then took a shower all by myself! Usually I have at least one child with me and I'm rushing as fast as I can because someone is saying, "I just needed you, mama." Yup, that's Tyler's new line. It's the cutest, most annoying thing to hear 53 times each day!

How do you spend two hours all to yourself? Do you get alone time often? I think it's important to get some time here or there but we all need different amounts of it. Lots of people think I'm crazy to have my kiddos with me almost all the time but they're only little once so I squeeze them when I can!

Who wouldn't want to squeeze this little one all the time?!

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